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Chinese Umbrella Label of the Hangzhou Paradise Umbrella Factory - 1990


 Hangzhou Paradise Umbrella Group is one of the largest professional umbrella makers in China and has been popular for decades.  The images below contain the tag/label of a grey foldable umbrella manufactured by the company.

The umbrella was purchased in China by my uncle around 1990.

Ephemera Contributor: Subhradeep Chatterjee

Translator: Vila He

 Original label of Paradise Umbrella in Chinese, 1990

 Translated Label (with overlay) of the Umbrella label, 1990


Side view of the label along with the umbrella spindles.

Special thanks to Vila He for the brilliant overlay of the translation on the original label. 

(Find more of her amazing designs on Behance here.)

[Descriptions of the Images: The first image contain the circular label with a circular portion cut out at the centre. The label contains Chinese text in red, all inside multiple circular sectors (one above the other) bordered with red. The label was removed from the umbrella and pressed on a sheet of paper thereby making the label appear as a centre-cut circular piece.

The second image contains the same label with the translated text put as an overlay on the original label. The text is in red. Texts include: "Paradise Umbrella" (bigger font size), "two-year guarantee", "Hangzhou Paradise Umbrella Factory", "Worker No.", "made in 1990", and "West Jianguo Road 111 TEL 73222".

The third image is of the side view of the label while attached to the umbrella. The spindles of the umbrella are visible in this image, with some portions of the label text behind it.]