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Lufthansa Flugplan/Timetable - October 1991 to March 1992

 Lufthansa (full name: Deutsche Lufthansa AG) is a German airline with its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. Its timetable for the period 27 October 1991 to 28 March 1992 is a valuable instance of ephemera for aviation enthusiasts.

Image Contributors: Joy Datta and Subhradeep Chatterjee


Lufthansa Timetable, 1991-92. Front Cover.

Lufthansa Timetable, 1991-92. Back cover.

Lufthansa Timetable, 1991-92. Contents Page.

[Descriptions of the Images: The first image is of the front cover of the timetable of Lufthansa which is rectangular in shape with the height being about the double of the width.. It contains the "Lufthansa" brand name in deep blue on a yellowish orange background at the top left corner. 
Below the brand name is their trademark logo of a flying crane inside a circle in deep blue. Towards the bottom of the cover, and aligned to the left, is the text "Flugplan" above "Timetable" in white colour. (Flugplan is German for "timetable".) At the bottom, aligned to the centre, is the text "27 Oct 91 _ 28 March 92" in black.

In the second image, the back cover of the timetable follows the same colour pattern with the brand name and logo on the top left. 
Towards the middle of the back cover is a black rectangular outline inside which is the logo of the German Olympia Team in deep blue and the text "TEAM OLYMPIA 1992" in white. The text bleeds out of the rectangular outline. On the two sides of the above unit contain two sets of text in black; the left one reads: "Contact your IATA Travel or Freight Agents - the experts who share our confidence" with the same in German above it. The right one reads: "Official Airline and sponsor of the German Olypia-team 1992". Below all these is a rectangular outlined box which is empty.

The third image is of the Contents page of the said timetable. 
The opened view of the timetable presents two pages with black text on white background. The left page is titled "How to use" along with the same in German ("Hinweise zur Benutzung") and contains some sample flight timings and airport codes while the right page is titled "Contents" with its German: "Inhalt". 
In both the pages, the English text appears below the German ones.  Towards the bottom right of the Contents page are the publication details of the timetable where it says that it was printed in the "Federal Republic of Germany".]