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Prince Henry Tobacco Label - Made in India


 Prince Henry Flake Tobacco label. 50 grams. Made in India. Licensed by the James Carlton Ltd. London.
Image Contributor: Subhradeep Chatterjee
The above label is of the 50gm pack of the brand's flake tobacco and dates back to the 1960s. Prince Henry is a sub-brand of the NTC Industries which was established in 1931 in Kolkata. 

[Image Description: The label design comprises of a visual pattern which is a mix of deep brown and dark yellow colours. The top portion of the label contains a white area aligned to the centre. The white box contains the text "Prince Henry" (the brand name) in red colour. 
The text "Flake Tobacco" is printed in light silver highlighted by black. Below the text "50 Grammes", the name of the licensor is printed in black text: "James Carlton Ltd. London". The above set of texts is surrounded by a grey patterned border. Outside the border is the text "Made in India". Except the brand name, all text is capitalized.
While the image presents the entire label without being folded, the actual folded label had another text area on its back which is now visible in the unfolded label's lower portion. This white text label is in the shape of an oval containing the message: "It's time you Savoured the full flavour of Prince Henry Flake Tobacco" where the brand name is printed with its trademark typography in red and the term "Flake Tobacco" is capitalized and black in colour. The entire text is surrounded by a patterned red oval border.]