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Certificate of Posting - Indian Postage System - 1951


Certificate of Posting. Indian Postage system. 1951.
The Certificate of Posting was a document of acknowledgement for receipt of unregistered articles by the Post Office and was issued to the person posting the articles as an assurance. It was discontinued in 2011 by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Department of Posts) vide notice "D.G. Posts No.2-4/2008-PO dated 23.02.2011". 
The image above is of such a Certificate of Posting from 12 February 1951. The address of the article has been blurred to protect the privacy of the posting person.

Contributor: Subhradeep Chatterjee
[Image Description: The image contains a piece of paper with postage stamp of "India Postage" along with ink stamps by the Post Office.
 Aligned to the centre in the upper portion is the text "Certificate of Posting" capitalized in black colour. One the left is the text: "Ms-19". The certificate above contains a scribbled date: 12/02/51. On the right (which covers a significant portion of the certificate) is a lined box for writing the address. 
In this image, the address has been blurred to protect the privacy of the posting person. On the left, just beside the ruled portion, is the text: "Description of articles" but the portion remains blank in this particular certificate. In that space, the before-mentioned postage stamp is stuck. 
Above the ruled portion is the text: "Exact address on the article" in black text. Between the ruled box and the heading "Certificate of Posting" (mentioned previously) is the text: "The unregistered articles address as under have been posted here this day -".  Below all the above mentioned elements (which is the bottom-most portion of the certificate) is the text: "Total number of articles (in words)."]

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